Basic description:

There are two fundamental lines of archtop models:

A) Historic - instruments are made according to traditional technology, developed during the twenties and the thirties.
Used mostly for acoustic playing. Magnetic floating or piezo pickups are used if needed.

B) Bebop - instruments are made according to modern technology with technical knowledge of guitar electrification. Magnetic pickups or special piezo pickups are used.

All models are available from Historic or Bebop line.

There are three material variations:
1) All solid  2) Top solid  3) Laminated

Prochazka Custom Guitars offer materials from European or American prestigious suppliers only.
Top plates: European Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar.
Back and sides: Flame Maple, Big Leaf Maple, Mahogany.

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Instrument is resistant to feedback, not so sound coloured.
Suitable for modern jazz, funky, fusion, ...
Fusion model - when in use central block or block between top and back - are usable in rock or pop, ....
This type of guitar cooperate with guitar effects without problems.

Width: 32,5 cm
Thickness: 6,5 cm

The smallest true jazz guitar model.
Mostly made in Bebop version.
Resistant to feedback, modern jazz, funky, fusion, ...
When in use central block or block between top and back - are usable in rock, pop, ...
15" models cooperate with guitar effect very well.

Width: 37,5 cm
Lenght: 48,5 cm
Thickness: 6,5 cm
Sharp cutaway available

The universal model for classic bebop, but great for funky, fusion or other modern jazz styles.
Central block construction available.
Historic version is very loud and concrete.

Width: 41 cm
Lenght: 51 cm
Thickness: 8,5 cm
Round cutaway available

Double cutaway is instrument mostly designed with central block. Block material is determinative for sound of the guitar. Double Cutaway construction make the guitar versatile. Model can be made like jazz or like rock guitar depends on used materials.
Very resistant to feedback, great cooperation with guitar effect.
Jazz, funky, fusion, pop, rock, ...

Width: 40,5 cm
Lenght: 48 cm
Thickness: 4,5 cm

S - Type 17"
Signature model Jaroslav Sindler.

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Favoured 17" model designed in conjunction with professor Jaroslav Sindler from Prague Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory.
Available in Historic or Bebop version.
Historic version was designed in conjunction with reputable guitar player and historic guitars collector Marek Rejhon.
Full strong tones with sufficient sustain.
Bebop version is suitable for bebop or similar jazz styles.
Historic version is popular in swing big bands.

Width: 43 cm
Lenght: 53 cm
Thickness: 8,5 cm
Sharp cutaway available

B - Type
Signature model Zdenek Bina, - 123 minut.
Medium-thickness 17" model designed in modern style.
Constucted especially for funky, fusion or other modern jazz styles.
Width: 43 cm
Lenght: 53 cm
Thickness: 8,5 cm

The largest standard model, mostly made in Historic version.
Very loud, the most coloured guitar designed for big band usage.

Width: 46 cm
Lenght: 55 cm
Thickness: 8,5 cm
Sharp cutaway available