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Would you consider building a 4-string archtop. The 4 strings tuned C, G, H, D, very close to the top 4 strings of standard guitar.
This requires a scale of 670mm or 26 3/8". I already own a Gibson PG-7 (PG= plectrum guitar, built after the L-7) with that scale and a 17" lower bout and would like your 18" model.
I'd prefer it to be in natural "blonde" colors and with a truly floating pickup, like a 4-string De'Armond (of which I still have a few).
Thanks and regards, Juergen
Answer | X | 04.11.18, 15:26:05
Hello Juergen,
it seems to be interesting work.
I ´ll send you the offer to your e-mail.
Answer | X | 07.11.18, 12:07:02
hy there Nick from greece im impressed of your work im interesting for an 18 inch archtop , like the model 18 with solid top and laminate sides n back . f hole bindings and block inlaiys on the fretboard with a floating pickup.Iwant to ask what would be the price and how long does it take to complete? thank you for your time
Answer | X | 21.05.17, 06:01:46
Hello Nick,
thank you for your interest in Prochazka Custom Guitars. I will send you the offer via e-mail.

Answer | X | 23.05.17, 10:29:08
gravatar .:. F.Tajcner | mail

My family friend have one guitar for sale , that guitar is like 40years old , its classic concert guitar handmade by J.KUBLA.. My fried would like to sell it , its remain from her husband. Would you help me to find buyer or place where we should sell it ? I will send photo if needed , thanks
Answer | X | 16.04.14, 16:32:26
we may publish the offer at our site with a link to the seller.
Portals and are currently most watched by guitar players.
Answer | X | 17.04.14, 09:53:08
gravatar .:. andrea | mail
Hello, I am looking for a kubla guitar. Is it still for sale? Please let me know asap. Thanks Andra
Answer | X | 18.04.18, 20:51:00
Are you still open ? and do you have inventory for current sale ?
I will be visiting my exchange daughter in Plzen in late april, and as a guitarist and luthier myself, am always looking for ideas and for possible additions to my collection.
I was quite impressed with the quality of wood in some of your archtops, and really like that cocobolo dreadnaught.

Bob Chadwick
Answer | X | 15.03.14, 23:39:31
Hello Bob,
yes, we are still in business.
However we offer custom instruments, we usually haven´t guitars in stock.
Time to time we offer some of instruments for sale but mostly acoustic guitars only in medium price range.
We will have some new instruments for sale in our shop in the April I hope. Please, ask me when you will be in the Czech.
We will be pleased to accept an order for custom instrument for you :o))
Answer | X | 17.03.14, 11:41:15
I should be in that area late april early may....not sure what my daughter has in mind for us. but i will try to stop by and see your work and what might be hanging on the wall.

X | 27.03.14, 18:23:56
You will welcome!
Answer | X | 31.03.14, 10:34:15
gravatar .:. Nick

are you still in business?


Answer | X | 12.11.11, 18:45:43
yes, why not? :-D
Answer | X | 14.11.11, 11:13:58
gravatar .:. Nick
Hello Petr,

nice to hear :-) . Because the last update of your site took place a long time ago :-(

X | 21.11.11, 21:51:59
... a lot of work, fortunately :-D
I haven´t time for update. Next year may be...
Answer | X | 22.11.11, 10:42:23
gravatar .:. Nick
Go ahead, your fans are waitin´ :-D One question: How much is the SIGNATURE ŠINDLER shown in your galerie? What a great piece of work!

X | 23.11.11, 15:30:59
Hi, you were recommended to me by my guitar teacher - Petr Zelenka.

I have a couple of questions:
1) How long would it take to build a left handed Gypsy Solo guitar?
2) How much would fret leveling, and a new bone nut / setup cost for an acoustic guitar?
Answer | X | 03.03.09, 10:30:38
Hi Brendan,
thank you for your interest in our guitars.
1) We accept orders for September - October 2009.
2) It will takes about 2,5 or 3 hours. Price is 800 Kč
Answer | X | 06.03.09, 09:31:38