Gypsy guitars

Django Reinhard brought fame to this type of guitars, mostly called Gypsy guitars.
Reinhard in cooperation with Italian guitar player and luthier Mario Maccaferri developed a couple of models for French company Selmer during the 1930s. These instruments are still modern innovative and used today.
Only hundreds of guitars were made in Selmer factory. Expensiveness and market demand characterize Gypsy guitars nowadays. It is a timeless model of guitar out of doubt for its inimitable sound and characteristics.

Prochazka Custom Guitars offer full range of Gypsy guitars designed under plans made up of original Selmer instruments produced during the 1930s. Our guitars are still tested and improved in cooperation with professional musicians playing gypsy music.


Nylon: This model was developed at first. Guitar with internal resonator, "D" sound hole, classic guitar bridge and nylon strings.
Full strong and loud sound, usable in big band in conjunction with nylon strings were the principal aims. This model didn't come up to expectations.
There are only a few original guitars in the world.

D hole internal resonator: Steel string guitar with internal resonator, "D" sound hole, tailpiece and archtop guitars style bridge.
Instrument produces strong very loud and percussive sound. Depends on internal resonator the sound is coloured (contrary to the Solo model).
Construction subtlety resulted in rattling of internal resonator. That´s why D hole model without internal resonator was designed to avoid problems. (modern glues eliminate these troubles).

D hole: Guitar with the same appearance as the previous model but without internal resonator, with different top plate proportions.
However sound characteristics is really different from the original model.
Mellower low voiced instrument is appealing for soloist but it isn´t applicable as a solo guitar in the band.

Solo: The last developed model. With a small oval hole, tailpiece and archtop guitars style bridge, without internal resonator.
The small sound hole substitutes missing internal resonator.
The loudest instrument from the Gypsy line, full strong sound, less of sound colours.
Sound characteristics predestine this model for usage as a solo instrument in the band.